Holladay Lawn Care Services

Serving the Lake of the Ozarks

push mowing

Lawn Mowing

  • Zero Turn for Commercial Yards
  • Walk behind for small spaces
  • Push Mowing


  • Weedeating yards and other grassy areas
  • Edging
planting flowers


  • Planting trees shrubs and flowers
  • Ground Cover/Flower Bed Installation
    • Sod
    • Rock
    • Soil
    • Mulch
push mowing

Leaf Cleanup

  • Leaf Removal- Vacuum will suck them up and will dispose of them from the property
  • Blow and Burn on site
push mowing

Power Washing

  • Houses
  • Driveways

Excavator Work

  • Large retaining walls
  • Railroad Tie walls
  • Trenches
  • French Drains
Skid Steer

Skid Steer Work

  • Grading Rock Driveways
  • Moving Dirt
  • Brush Hogging
Trimming Shrubs

Tree Services

  • Trim small trees
  • Prune/reshape Small Bushes
  • We have recommendations for larger tree jobs upon request

Home Maintenance

  • Home / Security Checks

Small Handyman Services

  • When needed and time available