Holladay Pool Installation

Serving the Lake of the Ozarks

You’re dreaming of your new swimming pool…

But with your Desjoyaux pools, it’s your entire home that will be changed.

During the day it’s a library or playground, come evening it’s the ideal spot for a barbecue or outdoor party. The next day when you dip your toes into the water you have an at home massage or workout area making you feel like you are on vacation. This is where your dreams turn into a reality with our pools at Desjoyaux. We put everything into making your vision a reality by providing pools that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and low maintenance to best serve you.


The Choice is Yours

We offer a range of in-ground pools with a variety of different shapes and sizes to best serve your property’s needs.
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Square to accommodate those smaller lots
  • L Shaped pools allow you to add unique tanning ledges, shallower swim areas or isolated steps
No matter the shape and size Holladay Pools will come up with a plan to give you the perfect pool for your family.
Pool 2

Everything You Dreamed Of

Our pools are unique as you can customize your pool to accommodate your needs. Desjoyaux uses less electricity and 50% less chemical allowing this to be less time consuming and more budget friendly from month to month. We offer additions like salt water, luxurious lights, jets, heaters and much more to set your pool apart from the rest.


Simple Maintenance

The Desjoyaux pipeless filtration unit means pleasure and extra time when maintaining your pool. With the patented filtration and structure it reduces the risk of leaks and promotes clear water, thanks to ultra-fine filtration at 6 to 30 microns, depending on the model of your choosing. Desjoyaux prides itself in manufacturing and Installation for 10 years of warranty. We look forward to creating the perfect plan for your specific needs, location, and budget with Holladay Pools LLC.

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